Edible Moon Sand w/ Miss Diana

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Would you like to watch a DIY tutorial on how to make this? Miss Diana is ready to show you how she makes them at home!

This video is 11 minutes in length and is recommended for children ages 18 months to 5-years-old.

Supplies / Ingredients needed

  • Crackers
  • Oil
  • Mixing container
  • Plastic bin / Tactile Table
  • Sheet/ Cardboard/ Towel/ etc

* = optional

  • *Oats
  • *Flour
  • *Brown Sugar


  1. This DIY is perfect for preparing a taste-safe tactile experience for your little one! To begin we’ll first need to gather our ingredients and measuring tools.
  2. We’ll start off with creating our sand. Choose any type of crackers that you have, then place a good handful into a blender, food processor, or ziplock bag to crush and create a fine texture. If you don’t have crackers, flour works as a substitute.
  3. To make sure the flour in fine, you can sift out chucks or blend/crush again, or leave as is! Different size pieces can also add to the sensory experience your little one has while exploring.
  4. Next, you can choose to use your sand as is, or add some extra ingredients to create a soft, crumbly, moldable texture. You can add oat flour (oats blended until fine), regular flour, and/or brown sugar (highly recommend!)
  5. As you add your ingredients to a mixing bowl (or a tactile table/ container), you may follow the ratio of 1 cup of fine cracker crumbs to 1 cup of additional ingredients (listed above). You can even recruit your child to practice their fine motor coordination by helping pour the ingredients together and mix them!
  6. When all dry ingredients are mixed, we can add some oil! Following the same ratio above, start out with 1 Tbsp of oil (any type of oil will do). Then slowly add in more by ¼ Tbsp until you reach a desired consistency. The mix shouldn’t be too oily, still representing sand, but if you take some and squish it together a little bit in your hands....it will stick together in a clump! Then easily fall apart again, just like moon sand!
  7. If you chose to mix your ingredients in a bowl, transfer it to a tactile bin or container to create an edible sandbox! This can be used inside or outside, but to help clean up, use a bedsheet, towel, or large piece of cardboard underneath the bin to catch sand that falls outside the bin.
  8. Now for the fun! Let your child explore the texture and characteristics of this sand! Lots of sense in use here, sight, touch, smell, and possibly even taste! Though we don’t recommend eating the sand, if your child does happen to explore with their taste buds - it is safe!
  9. Add sand tools, spoons, cups, etc to enhance this tactile activity! As your child explores their sand, make sure to ask plenty of open-ended questions for them to describe their experience! What are they feeling? What does it smell like? Why? And what can we make with this? If your toddler is only speaking a few words, help increase their vocabulary by describing what you see them doing!
  10. Store your moon sand from 1-2 weeks in a Ziplock bag! Keep in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life, but it will last well at room temperature too.

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