Marbled Pictures w/ Miss Diana

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Gymbo's special Create & Learn art craft activity that you can do: Marbled Pictures!

This video is 4 minutes in length and is recommended for children ages 18 months to 5-years-old.

Supplies / Ingredients needed

  • Container
  • Shaving Cream
  • Food Coloring / Paint
  • Several pieces of Cardstock Paper or any
  • Mixing Tool (stick, spoon, paintbrush, etc.)
  • *Ruler / Scraping Tool


  1. First, fill a container with shaving cream.
    1. The container should have a little height in the edges in order to fully contain the shaving cream to prevent any potential overflowing.
  2. Next, we’ll need to add a few drops of color in the shaving cream.
    1. Your child can choose the color scheme and practice squeezing a few drops of color.
    2. Counting drops or singing a song can help children practice self-regulation and control while using new exciting tools and materials.
  3. Once as much color is added as you’d like, offer your child a mixing tool and model stirring gently.
    1. Ask your child to describe what they observe as they mix, and if you want to add more color too, add more!
    2. Describe the pattern you see your child make, then introduce a piece of paper for a printmaking technique!
  4. As your child holds a paper, encourage them to stamp it into their design!
    1. If your child is older, you can even have them practice predicting what will happen before stamping their paper.
  5. After gently patting their paper, lift it up and observe your child’s reaction.
    1. Ask “What happened?”
    2. “How did that happen?”
  6. With the shaving cream pattern on their paper, you can encourage your child to scrape off the excess with a ruler, their hands, or even print on another paper.
  7. Expand the activity with several pieces of paper, maybe even experiment with different types and shapes of paper.
    1. Their marbled paper can also be used once dried to do other art activities!

Let us know how your little one enjoyed this activity! Remember every child is different in their engagement and preferences! Just by offering opportunities to freely use a variety of different tools, materials, and techniques can help stimulate creative thinking and build skills in visual art!

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