Plastic Bag Kites w/ Miss Diana

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Where does Gymbo come up with this stuff? He has done it again and has another fun DIY project for you and your little one to work on at home together! Miss Diana is all ready to show you how she makes plastic bag kites from her now-famous art studio at home.

This video is 2 minutes in length and is recommended for children ages 18 months to 5-years-old.

Supplies / Ingredients needed

  • Plastic Bag(s)
  • Ribbon, Yarn, or String
  • Markers
  • Paint


  1. Take a plastic bag and recycle it to make a homemade kite! This is a project that can be extended outdoors! You’ll start with a sensory activity for your child to feel the texture of the bag and decorate it with markers or paint!
  2. Once the bag is decorated, your child can practice their fine motor skills and coordination by taking the ribbon and attempting to thread it through the loops. They may need a little help but allow them the opportunity to try and experiment moving the string from one hand to the other to pull it through the loops.
  3. Once threaded, allow some more string to make some space for the bag to puff up with wind. An adult helper can tie a knot to secure, or little ones can use tape to stick the two ends together!
  4. While your little one is creating, make sure to ask plenty of open-ended questions for them to describe their experience and also how they can make their kite fly and why! If your toddler is only speaking a few words, help increase their vocabulary by describing what you see them doing!
  5. When your kite is made, go outside with your child and enjoy the fresh air and a rich experience flying a kite together!

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