Rain Stick w/ Miss Jules

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Miss Jules is going to help us make it rain! Come create your own rainstick with her!

This video is 10 minutes in length and is recommended for children ages 18 months to 5-years-old.

Supplies / Ingredients needed

  • Paper towel roll
  • Aluminum foil
  • Rice or beans
  • Duct tape or saran wrap
  • Markers/colorful tape/gift wrap/stickers/ribbon


  1. Duct tape the end of a paper towel roll.
  2. Decorate the outside of the roll.
  3. Roll up aluminum foil and place it inside the paper towel roll.
  4. Add rice, beans, and/or pasta inside the roll with the foil.
  5. Duct tape the other end of the roll.

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