Roll, Roll, Roll the Dough w/ Miss Diana

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A DIY Project from Gymbo for you to do at home: Roll, Roll, Roll the Dough!

This video is 3 minutes in length and is recommended for children ages 18 months to 5-years-old.

When I first read dough, I thought we would be baking cookies, but it wasn't that kind of dough. Miss Diana and Gymbo are at it again with another fun DIY project for you and your little one to work on at home together! Which option will you choose? Miss Diana & Gymbo are going to show you how she makes dough rollers in her studio at home.

Supplies / Ingredients needed

  • Paper Towel Rolls
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Paper Towel Rolls/ Rolling Pins
  • Foam Stickers (Or make your own with Foam paper and glue)
  • *Pom Poms
  • *Pipe Cleaner


  1. This DIY has two versions, one for parents to follow, and another for children to explore.
    1. Both options will create a tool that can be used time and time again with playdough or stamping activities!
  2. We’ll start off with Option #1, we will need a paper towel run and a glue gun plugged in.
    1. Once the glue is heated, make various designs for your child to stamp and roll in their dough.
      1. Get creative, this could be lines, dots, squiggles, shapes, or even their name!
      2. Let us know which designs you and your child liked best!
    2. Once the glue is cooled, this dough roller is ready for action!
  3. Option #2 is perfect for your child to create.
    1. We will need the same materials, or you can even use a rolling pin from the kitchen or playdough bin.
    2. With either the paper towel roll or roll pin, provide your child with some foam sticker, or cut out shapes together with foam paper and then use glue to stick it on the rolling pin.
      1. Your child will be using their fine motor skills and coordination to peel or glue the foam and then stick it on the 3D surface.
      2. Get creative and make different designs!
    3. *You may also use other thicker items to glue on such as pom poms or pipe cleaners.
  4. While your little one is creating, make sure to ask plenty of open-ended questions for them to describe their experience but also their creative thought process!
    1. If your toddler is only speaking a few words, help increase their vocabulary by describing what you see them doing!
  5. Share with us how this DIY turned out for you and your little one!

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