Sock Bunnies w/ Miss Emma

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Miss Emma helps us work on our cutting skills and imagination during this bunny-themed craft!

This video is 10 minutes in length and is recommended for children ages 18 months to 5-years-old.

Supplies / Ingredients needed

  • Unmatched socks
  • Uncooked rice (1 cup per bunny)
  • Rubber bands
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Optional: ribbon


  1. Take the sock and place it over a tall glass, so that you are able to pour the rice into the sock easily.
  2. Pour the rice into the sock.
  3. Take the rubber band and tie the top close.
  4. To make the head and body shape, take another rubber band and tie it between the head and the body.
  5. Use another rubber band and make the bunny tail.
  6. To make the ears, cut any excess sock so that there is a couple of inches for the ears.
    1. If you want floppy ears that flop down, then leave them a bit longer.
    2. Once the excess is gone, cut the top portion down the middle.
    3. Using a marker, draw on a bunny ear shape.
    4. Take your scissors and cut along the marker line.
    5. Once done, your bunny ears should stand up straight (or flop down if you want floppy ears)
  7. Use the marker and draw eyes and a bunny nose!
  8. Optional Step: tie a colorful ribbon around your bunny’s neck

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